February is here

Thank you to all who have donated of your time,talents and treasure, it is greatly appreciated.  We have prayed for some young folks to come and be a part of what we get to do here, and have been blessed to have 30+ students now coming from The Ohio State ATI Wooster campus. We met with a small group last week and talked about what our needs were and if any would consider volunteering to help us serve People in need in Wayne county. In less than a week the numbers of those desiring to help have grown, there were even some with an interest in teaching various classes to help people learn ways to have them selves. How great an answer to our prayers, we thank GOD for HIS blessings daily as we strive to serve as JESUS in our community.

I will be posting our on going needs and projects in the coming days/weeks/months, thanks for any/all the help any one can provide as we serve people in need in our community.