2020 in the rearview

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It has been a challenging year, we wanted to just take a moment to look back and recognize the good that was done. We had so many wonderful helpers come along side of us to distribute food. We are so thankful for our many partnerships that helped deliver food to shut in families including many of our at risk seniors. A great thank you to our local Highway Patrol Post for allowing their Patrolmen to help with MANY deliveries as well as O’Huddle folks, Churches and many individuals helping us get food to those in need.

We are so thankful to just be a small part of what we have seen as a great caring community working together for the good of those in need. To us that’s what it is all about – a COMMUNITY working together in times such as these, we are blessed and so thankful to be supported by this community we call home.  THANK YOU to ALL who have helped in these troubling times and we look forward to partnering more in the future and finding more ways to work together to more effectively use our resources and reach all who have a need.

Our local Highway Patrol Post helped with food delivery
Wonderful O’Huddle helper/ driver
This is what its all about

We hold up our communities in Prayer and and strive to serve each day as GOD’s hands and feet and more importantly to be HIS light of HOPE and encouragement.