Why College students want to come back and volunteer with us. This to us is what its all about

The question is asked of each student: Why are you interested in participating in this service? Her answer is as follows: As a young woman who has lived in the area, I understand how important service is to the wellbeing of a community. I have been raised in a home that values serving others and treating all individuals with love and respect. Through my research of People to People ministries, I find it inspiring to know that I would be associated with an organization, that has had a tremendous impact on the Wooster community since 1978. People to People Ministries is a vital resource for those in need and is an inspiration. The possibility of being able to give back to my adopted community provides me the chance to continue my growth as a person. The College has offered me so much during my first year. The chance of paying it forward would be an humbling honor.