Requirements to Receive Services

Procedures to Receive Assistance:

Due to Covid-19 we have changed our procedures to how to receive assistance.  Sign-in at the outside lobby window.  From there you can  and will be able to receive food and hygiene products. You may also schedule or check in for your clothing or financial assistance appointments.

The following documents are required at each visit:
1. Proof of Wayne County residency for the immediate past 90 days.
2. A Social Security Number (card or official doc) for head of household.
3. Documented proof of income for entire household for the past 30 days.

Other Documents you may need in addition to those listed above: 

For assistance with utilities you must bring your Disconnect Notice.

For assistance with rent you must be 30 days past due and bring written notice from your landlord.

For assistance with prescription medication you must have the written prescription from your doctor or the refill bottle and any other appropriate documentation.

Examples of Proof of 90-Day Residency: 

Rent receipts, utility bill with history of usage at your current/past Wayne County  address, pay stubs with the date and your address on each.   

Wayne County Residents (with less than 90 days of Wayne County residency) are only eligible for short-term assistance such as emergency food or clothing until residency can be established.