Special Projects


This year our project will again be different, but what will not be different is the sign ups. They will begin June 21 and run through July 01 with no Sunday signups. The same information will be required as other years and we again will be handing out the backpacks of school supplies before the actual project. More information will be coming very soon on our facebook and this web site.

We are looking for volunteers for Back to School project. The project will run as stated above if interested please go to our volunteer tab and fill out a 2021 volunteer application please note on it BTS helper

thank you

Christmas Toy Project 

The Christmas Toy Project allows low-income parents to choose a number of gifts for each of their children.  Our Christmas Toy Committee works year round refurbishing, repairing, and cleaning donated used toys and distributes those, along with the new toys that have been donated or bought by our wonderful donors.   

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